ECHO will be a beautiful portrait of the modern society in Iceland.

The film will consist of 59 different scenes that each will tell a short story, capture a mood or an emotion. The scenes are not linked together through their actions, but have instead been carefully put together in order to enhance feelings, illustrate contrast and creating perspectives.

ECHO uses the Christmas season as a frame and dramatic curve. Different layers of the Icelandic society are portrayed in a linear timeline during the beginning of December until New Years Day.

In the film co-humane elements and situations will flood after one after each other and describe Iceland during this sometimes stressful time of year, where its easy to loose track of ourselves and get disconnected from our surroundings.

At the same time, the dusk of the year fuels our self-reflection and enables us to put our lives into perspective, often evoking empathy for others.

The different scenes portrayed will all be separate stories. Together they will although form a whole, and create a reflection of not only the advent season, but a reflection of the Icelandic contemporary society as well.

The central theme of the film can be described as the “grey scale of life”. As a director Rúnar is interested in the diversity and different layers in our everyday life. Life isn´t as simple as one truth or one emotion and with ECHO we want to show the beauty and complexity in everyday situations, that people can identify with and relate to.

Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson

Written by: Rúnar Rúnarsson

Producer: Pegasus Pictures & Nimbus Film

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